Whats On 2018

Newtown Carnival Timetable - 9th June 2018

11:15am Decorated Floats and Pedestrians assemble at Lower Canal Road
11:45am Judging
12:30pm Carnival Procession leads from Lower Canal Road
Directions: Turn right onto Cambrian Way; follow oad onto Commercial Street; turn left at the roundabaout onto Longbridge Street, down Broad Street; turn right onto High Street; turn right on to Back Lane.
Pedestrians: Go into the Town Hall Grounds, while the floats continue and turn right onto Broad Street; turn right onto High Street; turn right onto Back Lane and left into the Car Park.
12:30pm Carnival Field with Compere DJ Tony Rowley
1:30pm Music by Newtown Silver Band
1:45pm Crowning of the Carnival Queen
2:00pm Floats and Pedestrian Winners Announced and Presentation of Prizes
2:15pm Maldwyn Dragons Gymnastics Club
2:45pm Rising Stars perform exerts from "Annie"
3:15pm RBD Academy 
3:30pm Sam Williams - Guitarist and Vocalist
4:00pm FOOTLOOSE Dance Group
4:15pm NYP Theatre Company
4:30pm Mark Harpham - Guitarist and Vocalist
5:00pm Dance Fusion Dance Company
5:15pm Carnival Raffle Prize Draw

Classes Schedule 2018

  1st 2nd 3rd
Class 1 Best Individual Junior £15 £10 £5
Class 2 Best Couple Junior £20 £15 £10
Class 3 Best Group Junior £30 £20 £10
Monty Club Cup - Best of Classes 1, 2, and 3
Class 4 Best Individual Senior £20 £15 £10
Class 5 Best Group Senior £20 £15 £10
Severn Trophies Cup - Best of Classes 4 and 5
Class 6 Best Couple Senior £30 £20 £10
Bryan Rees & Jack Blayney Memorial Cup - Best of Class 6
Class 7a Best Motor Vehicle Junior £15 £10 £5
Class 7b Best Motor Vehicle Schools £20 £15 £10
Dennis Taylor Cup - Best of Class 7a and 7b
Class 8 Best Motor Vehicle Senior £30 £20 £10
Newtown R.A.O.B Shield - Best of Class 8
Class 9 Best Visiting Queen's Vehicle   £15 £10 £5
Class 10 Best Driver in Procession-   £20 £15 £10
Glyn Morgan 2.5m Mile Accident Free Trophy - Best of Class 10
Class 11 Best Decorated Trailer   £30 £20 £10
Best Decorated Trailer Shield - Best of Class 11